Know your collective agreement



Effective June 30, 2003:

Except in cases of emergency or unforeseen similar circumstances, every teacher shall be entitled to an uninterrupted meal period equal to five (5) minutes less than the students mid-day intermission of the school in which the teacher is employed, to a maximum of fifty-five (55) minutes.

Designated professional staff will be on call during this meal period to deal with discipline, parent inquiries and the problems normally under the jurisdiction of a teacher. 

7:05 Sick Leave (a) When a teacher is absent from work because of sickness, he/she shall be entitled to sick leave during such absence and to be paid his/her salary during this leave. Subject to subsection (b) of this article, the leave shall not exceed twenty (20) teaching days in any school year. 



President's Report Spring 2015

It's been said before but a teacher's work life has a number of definitive beginnings and end points. As we move towards the end of this school year take time to reflect on your succeses, challenges and new opportunities. The never ending upward spiral of a professional teacher's life as learner continues.

Your Association has formally responded to our school divsion's "Thoughtstream" survey. The copy of our members' thoughts as mediated through our Association's Executive was submitted to the Chairperson of RRSD. If a member would like to read what was submitted they may contact the President for more information.

Please refer to the home page for our Association ( to note some changes to the Executive members of our Association. For the first time in the history of our Association we will have Co-Presidents for the 2015-2016 year.

We are still looking for members who would be interested in serving in different capacities on our Association's Executive. The positions are; Vice President, Ed Finance Chair, Workplace Safety and Health Chair. These are very important positions on our executive and we ask all members to seriously consider the call being made here for member engagement. Give one of the Co-Presidents a call.

Have a restful and "recharging" summer.

Dan Kiazyk

President's Report Winter 2015

Please take some time to congratulate your bargaining team members for their fine effort at reaching an Agreement in Committee on Monday February 9th 2015

I sit ex-officio on this committee and act as the eyes and ears of all members who are not there during the process. As such I do my best to challenge the committee to work for ALL members of our Association. At times this might seem like a thorn in the side of a committee that has considerable challenges as it is!

I can say with assuredness that their work was measured in all its deliberations and the result is ready for you to ratify on February 25th (after 4:30 pm) at Tanner's Crossing School pit.

Please have a look at what the Executive of the RRTA has proposed to the Board of Trustees as qualities for a new superintendent of our school divsion (click here)

Please consider getting involved in your local teachers' association. You could be the difference we need.

If you have questions or need assitance feel free to give me at call at (204) 867-7586.
Have a good school year!
Dan Kiazyk

President's Report Fall 2014

We will be starting bargaining again this year as our agreement ended in June 2014. Members are invited to contact Thomas Mathews our bargaining chair with any ideas they may believe important for this next round.
Please consider getting involved in your local teachers' association. You could be the difference we need.
If you have questions or need assitance feel free to give me at call at (204) 867-7586.
Have a good school year!
Dan Kiazyk


President's Report Winter 2014

We now have a new collective agreement that has its term end in June 2104. Plans are afoot for developing a new bargaining package. We invite you to get involved or at least to make sure that you complete the bargaining survey that will be distributed to your school in the near future.

Don’t hesitate to give our bargaining chair, Thomas Mathews, a call to discuss what you’d like to see as a part of the next round of bargaining.

We are still requesting that Rolling River school division consider making available to its teachers a short term disability program. The program would be paid for completely by teachers and would be administered by the school division. We have offered to provide information to the school division on its implementation based on other school divisions’ experience of the program that have the same payroll system as used by RRSD. Of some import and making the program even more seamless in terms of its implementation is that beginning September 1st 2014, the plan will be self-insured through the Manitoba Teachers’ Society.

Interest on back pay received from RRSD as a result of our last round of negotiations will be applied to provide for a fee holiday from local fees for all members until those funds are exhausted. Other particular details (people who have left the SD, people retiring, etc) related to the interest received can be found in our Associations minutes.

As always we welcome your input and request that you consider getting involved in a more active way in the RRTA. A couple of positions on our executive are opening up for the coming year. Be sure to follow the minutes that are posted in your school or are available here on our website to be aware of what is going on with your teachers' association.

We will be sending six people to this year’s annual general meeting of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society (May 22,23,24). If you have any ideas for resolutions to be presented at this meeting you are invite to speak with any member of our executive.

We hope that the second half of this year will be fulfilling and success engendering for you and your students.

President's Report #2 Fall 2013

Letter Requesting MOU for Short Term Disability Plan for the teachers of Rolling River

Nov 2013

Dear Mr. Klassen:

The Rolling River Teachers Association would like to request the opportunity to add to our new Collective Agreement a Memorandum of Understanding that would allow for a short term disability program for teachers of Rolling River.

Last year, with direction from the Rolling River teachers' Association Council, the school representatives were asked to poll their colleagues as to whether they wanted to have a short term disability program available to them.

In response to that ballot question, (which was a second question asked and tied into the new health care plan ballot) we had response from 107 teachers of which 100 were in favour of a short term disability plan. Attached to this letter is info (Our "Question" to members and Information related to the question) that was sent to members.

Our reason for requesting such a plan is that it provides protection for our members from the calamitous possibility of having sick leave run out and having to wait for long term disability to kick in. This has happened more than once to teachers in our school division and to some with very serious impact.

We would be willing to present to you and/or the school board on the possibility of including this plan as a memorandum of understanding attached to our new collective agreement. To provide you and the Board of Trustees with more information about the plan please find attached a PowerPoint presentation about the MTS Short Term Disability Plan.

Thanks very much for considering this request. I believe it provides our teachers with another layer of security when thinking about their families, careers and possible alternatives for the future.


Daniel Kiazyk

--------------------------------------------------- Dan Kiazyk President Rolling River Teachers Association Ph.(204)328-5364 - School Ph.(204)867-7586 - Association Cell Association web site

President's Report Fall 2013

Bargaining efforts have finally borne fruit. Members ratified an agreement in Committee achieved earlier in October between the RRTA and RRSD by 81%. We are now moving towards signing the actual agreement. The agreement was a longtime coming and was the last of all agreements of Manitoba's 38 teacher bargaining units. Our bargaining team resolved one major difficulty (extra curricular vs co-curricular) and realized for members the only bump to a teacher salary grid in Manitoba. Also added to the agreement were the 4 family medical days that to this point resided in School Divsion policy. One of my objectives before the next round of bargaining is to find out why we had the numbers (percentage wise) we had regarding ratification. I will endeavour to speak to those members who did not feel that the deal was what they needed. In this same vein I invite any member who did not feel that the deal achieved by our bargaining committee was what they needed. Feel free to call me during the evenings at (204) 867-7586 Association.

A continuing effort to achieve short term disability for teachers is operative. We did survey members and there was overwhelming support for the establishment of a short term disability program for teachers. More than 90% of respondents to the question about the establishment of such a program responded positively. We have an idea that the cost to members would be less than $9.00 per month for a ten month period.

We will be proposing to council that we send 6 members to AGM again this year. Our purpose is to build capacity and connections with MTS in Winnipeg and the rest of Manitoba. As of this time we do not have any resolutions to offer to the general assembly of the Manitoba Teachers' Society.

We have received a thorough review of the changes that have now been put into place with our benefits plans. I invite all members to read through the report tabled at our October meeting by our Co-Chairpersons Jennifer Carlson and Colleen Warrington.(Benefits Report 2013) Another item of immediate concern for the Association will be how we work with the one time lump sum to be received from the School divison related to the interest on backpay item of this agreement. I believe a discussion and motion will occur at our November RRTA Council meeting. Please speak with your MTS school rep should you have any questions or concerns. A report will be made to members on decsions made vis a vis that item

Just as a side note I invite any member to give me a call to let me know what's going on in their professional lives that may serve as notice to others as matters of importance. We don't only want to hear your concerns but we'd also like to celebrate any successes that you may have had. Your input and information is what we need to have as a basis for what we do. You may always reach me by email or by Association telephone at 204-867-7586. Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Finally, I hope that all members have a good and productive year.

Respectfully submitted,
Daniel Kiazyk

President’s Report Spring 2013

Bargaining efforts have come to a standstill. We are now moving towards arbitration at the end of November and the beginning of December 2013. As a part of our preparations we will be asking members for tax assessments for homes in Rolling River. We will also be requesting that all members complete a specific survey (to be released shortly) that relates to this plan. We also hope that if the bargaining committee was to come to you and ask that you give evidence for these hearings that you’d support the efforts of your Teachers’ Association.

A continuing effort to achieve short term disability for teachers is operative. We did survey members and there was overwhelming support for the establishment of a short term disability program for teachers. More than 90% of respondents to the question about the establishment of such a program responded positively. We have an idea that the cost to members would be less than $9.00 per month for a ten month period.

We will be sending 6 members to AGM this year. As of this time we do not have any resolutions to offer to the general assembly of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society.

We are now in a process of looking into what changes to the voluntary extended healthcare program we can expect to see with changes that will take place this year. Our Employee Benefits chairpersons will be learning more about what the changes will involve and will be able to report to council about those changes once the changes have been explained to them. All members will be contacted to receive an indication of their participation in the new plan. If you have any particular questions about the changes will take place you are also invited to contact Glen Anderson, the MTS Staff Officer who heads up the employee benefits department at MTS.

Just as a side note I had planned to visit schools this new year but haven’t had a chance to do so to this time. I will make an effort to be available to members and to speak to members in what time remains for this school year. You may always reach me by email or by Association telephone at 204-867-7586. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Finally, I hope that all members have a good and productive end to the year.

Respectfully submitted,
Daniel Kiazyk

President's report September 2012

The RRTA had its first Council meeting September 19th. As a result of that meeting a couple of events have been announced that are of importance to our members.

FAB FIVE conference October 11th and 12th in Brandon is a conference we would suggest that teachers in their first five years of teaching consider as a part of their professional development plans for this year. The RRTA has passed a motion that allows these teachers to access RRTA PD funds that will cover the cost of registration and mileage/substitute costs for any member in their first five years of teaching.  Permission to attend will have to be made with RRSD. Contact Lorraine Hodgson for more information.

The RRTA will have a planning meeting on October 10th. All members of the executive have been invited to attend to share their plans for the 2012-2013 year. The meeting will take place 5:00 pm at the MCCC in Minnedosa

Our member appreciation night will be held in Minnedosa on January 16th. More information will follow on the evening's events

The president of the RRTA will be travelling to schools this year to visit with all staff members. More details will be set out on this project in the near future.

Information on the bargaining process has been delivered to all MTS School reps. Please feel free to give either Bob or Thomas a call if you have any other questions about the bargaining process.

The RRTA is planning to survey members on two benefit related matters. Firstly, there is an option to change the dental plan that will be put before all members in the next month. Secondly, there will be a question as to whether members wish the Association to pursue a short term disability program in our next round of bargaining

I hope everyone has a professionally rewarding year. As always, we invite your input on any matter related to your Association's activities.  We also hope that you'll take some time out to get personally involved in your Association's activities planned for this year .

President's Report June 2012

Well that time of year is upon us once again. A time of year few other professions can reflect on like we can as professional educators. The end of the year is a time to celebrate, a time to review and revise, a time to think of those students we have tried so hard to have an impact upon through our various efforts. It is a time of year to look forward to some rest and recharging of our batteries so to speak.

Your teachers’ Association too has a bit of time to reflect of what it has accomplished in the past year. This year has again been filled with a variety of efforts by more executive members than ever on an ever broadening number of fronts.

1)      RRTA co-sponsored a wellness program for members with MTS and RRSD.
2)      Our PD Chair spent a year trying to clarify the RRTA’s role in the PD program here in Rolling River. The effect has been to educate our members on funding of our professional development and a discussion on the appropriate use of our dues.
3)      The member appreciation evening was held in January with MTS Vice President Norm Gould attending and speaking to our members.
4)      The RRTA continued its support for community organizations. Once again Minnedosa Public Library received funds to purchase books. The River Community Complex received $2000.00 and the Rivers Public library received a contribution of $200.00
5)      The Association has continued its bargaining efforts throughout 2011-2012
6)      The Ed Finance chair issued another Ed Finance consultation of the 2012-13 RRSD budget. The report marks the fifth straight year that the Association has made comments related to the budget development process. Significant trends have been outlined and registered with the Board of Trustees through the presentation.
7)      In addition to a regularly updated webpage the RRTA now has a FACEBOOK page through which our members may communicate
8)      The Association has developed a new logo which incorporates elements of the area where we teach.
9)      For the first time in RRTA history the Association brought to the AGM of the MTS two action resolutions B21 and B22 to discuss with all teachers in the process. B22 was well received and was carried by the Assembly.
10) Finally the Association went to the radio airwaves CKLQ and STAR 94 to send out to the communities where we teach what we believe to be an important message. The message had airplay for over three weeks and we received a lot of positive feedback.

President's Report April 2012

Be aware of your rights;

All RRTA members should be aware that when meeting with school division leadership you have rights as a member of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society.  If at a meeting you are compelled to respond to questions posed by school division leadership, you should first ask if you can have MTS representation with you before answering those questions. If the prior is not allowed, you must comply with the request made to respond to questions but be sure to advise the person asking the questions that you are responding under protest and that you will be contacting MTS when the meeting is finished. Teachers need to be aware of the professional code of practice when answering questions.

also with regards to the code of professional conduct..............

I have consulted with MTS and the advice I have received about providing written evaluation of a principal is...... if a teacher is to avoid a breach of the code of professional practice a teacher needs to first provide the principal with a signed copy of whatever written copy they will give to school division leadership. Teachers also need to to tell the principal what they will say prior to answering questions concerning the principals performance to school division leadership. If teachers provide feedback anonymously they risk a charge of unprofessional conduct

There has also been confusion concerning the RRTA's participation in the RRSD PD committee. To this point our chair has saught to clarify what role if any the RRTA might have in ensuring our members receive relevant and appropriate professional development opportunities. No clarification has been achieved.
With reference to the prior it should also be made clear to members that the RRTA Council decided "last year" that our direction with regards to PD would change. 1) We would no longer offer a PD bursary 2) We will sponsor new teachers to the Fab Five conference offered in Brandon each year. 3) We will not be subsidizing any meals or mileage related to the RRSD PD committee. 4) We would pursue a position in bargaining related to PD.

If you are interested in supporting the work of the PD chair please contact her at your convenience.

President's Report December 2011

As this is now bargaining season the attention of the Association is focussed primarily upon bargaining. We have a couple of meetings planned for the beginning of 2012. Given the number of agreements in the Province and the patterns that are now appearing we are hopeful that our bargaining team can work out a new agreement for the teachers of Rolling River

Also of some significance to report to teachers of late is a joint enterprise agreed to by the Rolling River Teachers' Association and the Rolling River School Division concerning a wellness program proposed by MTS and delivered by the ORG organization. The program will be offered to 10 members of the RRTA and will involve a cognitive behavioral approach to improving teachers`overall well being (personally and organizationally).  It is also the hope of the Association that our members who participate in this program might form the basis of a group of teachers who can direct `wellness`in our workplaces. Please stayed tuned for more information to come of times, location and eligibity for the program.

We also would like to remind teachers of our teacher appreciation night, January 18th. All RRTA members are welcomed to attend. Please be sure to advise our Secretary (Whitney Stone) of your intention to attend. We will have the Vice President of MTS, Norm Gould, in attendance.  We also wish to advise all new member Teachers to Rolling River that their attendance is fully paid for by the Teachers`Association.

OF course we always invite our members`feedback on the activities and policies of their teachers`association. Our office phone is always open to receive calls from our members 867-7586

Have a restful and rejeuvenating holiday season.

Daniel Kiazyk
President RRTA

September 2011

Welcome back! We look forward to hearing from our members throughout this upcoming year. As it is a bargaining year the Association expects to put a great amount of  its efforts into representing members' identified concerns through the bargaining process. Please feel free to give us a call or send an e-mail to let us know what are your professional experiences.

We look forward again to meeting new teachers at our annual new member welcoming night (date to be announced).

Our meetings and minutes will be posted on this website as soon as they are available.

Have a great year.

President's Report May 2011

Reflecting on another year of activity it goes without saying  that your RRTA Executive has been busy representing the interests of the professional educators of Rolling River.

1) The RRTA provided a lunch time meal for its members at the September divisional inservice. As a result of this event the RRTA has acquired signage so that it might make its members aware of those instances where their dues are being used in a variety of contexts.

2) The bargaining committee has met with the division to begin a new round of bargaining

3) The Association has launched a grievance over a personal leave as defined in our collective agreement

4. The Association has also discussed the division's absence due to illness certificate. These discussions are still pending.

5.  A division wide RRTA member survey was initiated by the Association to gather concrete evidence related to funding observations commented upon over a period of four years by the Association in its budgetary recommendations to the Board of trustees. 

6. Once again the Ed Finance chair has submitted budget recommendations on behalf of the professional educators of the RRTA to the Board of Trustees. These recommendations mark a fourth consecutive year that the teachers have given their professional input into the process

7.  The Association plans to present the findings of its survey concerning Appropriate Education in Rolling River to the Board of Trustees early in June.

8.  The RRTA has a full slate of executive members. The result of such participation by our membership is better representation for the teachers of Rolling River. Our website is updated regularly with information relating to the activities of our RRTA Executive

9. We officially welcomed Lorraine Hodgson to the RRTA Executive as the RRTA's professional development chair at our April council meeting. We would like to thank Deb McCallum for her outstanding efforts on behalf of all the teachers of Rolling River .

10. Finally the Association has received a PR grant from MTS in Winnipeg. The PR chairperson has planned for a strategic deployment of these funds on behalf of the teachers of the RRTA.

As is apparent the activities of the Association continue in a variety of areas related to the lives of the Professional educators that it represents. We extend to all our members a successful end of the year and we also encourage you to consider becoming involved in your local teachers' Association. Your involvement can make a difference for all our members. GET INVOLVED!

Dan Kiazyk
President RRTA


President"s Report March 2011

Please note that the following letter was sent to RRSD and no response has yet been received:
January 28, 2011

Mr. Reg Klassen
154 Main Street S.
Box 1170
Minnedosa, MB  R0J 1EO 

Dear Mr. Klassen:

It has come to the attention of the Rolling River Teachers’ Association that there are sections of the Division’s “Absence Due to Illness Certificate” that are inconsistent  with Article 7:05 (e) of the current Collective Agreement and section 94 of the Public Schools Act . 

It is the position of the RRTA that it is not reasonable for the employer to request the information related to “elective surgery” set out in Section 2 of the Illness Certificate.  We are therefore requesting that the Division delete this provision.

It is also the position of the RRTA that the questions in Section 3 of the Illness Certificate should only apply to those teachers on an extended medical leave and as such the form should be amended to indicate such.

I look forward to your response on this issue.

Daniel Kiazyk
President, RRTA

If you are compelled to fill out sections 2 and 3 please contact a staff officer at MTS before doing so.

Dan Kiazyk


President's Report January 2011

As many of our members are aware,  I am a member of the Provincial MTS Collective Bargaining Standing Committee.  I thought it might be of some interest to share with our members the thoughts of that committee concerning the present round of bargaining;

Published in the December, 2010 Issue of TheManitoba Teacher

*Please note that this article is a reprint

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society expects this year will be particularly significant for collective bargaining.

All but one of 38 local teacher associations will be negotiating new collective agreements for 2010/11 and there could be possible repercussions of the economic downturn that occurred in 2009, the first pause in growth since the early 1990s.

While Manitoba was one of the provinces least affected by the recent recession, it nonetheless impacted the Province of Manitoba’s fiscal position with deficits forecast not only for 2009-10 but also annually until 2013-14, according the 2010-11 provincial budget.

Governments across the country have taken a tough stance at the bargaining table with public sector unions and in some instances have insisted on wage freezes for one or two years. In Manitoba, teachers are also facing a more difficult round of bargaining because of heightened economic uncertainty.

A less accommodating economy and a harder line by school divisions represent a potential threat to the steady progress that has been made by teachers in this province over the last decade and a half to restore the purchasing power of their salaries that has been lost to inflation over the last quarter of a century. Nevertheless, today a teacher still earns a salary in real dollars (dollars adjusted for inflation) that is lower than what a teacher would have earned at exactly the same class and level of experience back in 1983.

Local teacher association bargaining committees understand that making up for loss in purchasing power is an important priority for negotiations. It has taken many years to close the gap from the historic lows reached in the mid 1990s. Accepting a salary increase less than the rate of inflation always results in a real pay cut. As well, contrary to the myth that teachers have enjoyed generous salary increases relative to the Manitoba economy as a whole, when the facts are looked at objectively, it is obvious that salary increases for teachers have lagged behind other measures of income gain. For example, while teacher salaries have nearly doubled (99 per cent) from 1983 to 1999, during the same period Gross Domestic Product increased by 231 per cent, while the average income of families grew 150 per cent.

One of the myths that our local bargaining committees have to contend with is that the private sector in this province has suffered tremendously and therefore teachers and other public sector workers ought to share in this burden. However, recent data from Statistics Canada show that in Manitoba the average increase in weekly earnings for 2009 was a healthy 2.8 per cent. For example, bus manufacturer New Flyer, one of the largest private sector employers in Winnipeg, agreed to provide their employees wage increases of 3.5 per cent in each of 2010-11 and 2011-12. Furthermore, in May 2010 construction electricians (IBEW 2085) negotiated wage increases totalling 12 per cent over three years plus increases to other benefits.

Information provided by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) Labour Program indicates that in Manitoba for the first six months of 2010, wage settlements for bargaining units with 500 or more members have averaged 3.1 per cent, a slight improvement from the 2.9 per cent average increase for 2009.

In the public sector, Winnipeg Fire Fighters (IAFF 867) negotiated a two-year deal earlier this year with wage increases of four per cent in 2010 and 4.5 per cent in 2011. While it is true that Manitoba’s nurses recently agreed to take a wage freeze during the first two years of a 42-month collective agreement, when the total compensation package is calculated including a valuable pension improvement, it is clear that they achieved significant gains towards the end of the contract.

In the public schools, many education support bargaining units have negotiated wage settlements of at least 2.5 per cent in the period from 2010 to 2012, while several others have concluded settlements of 3 per cent. MTS believes the most important settlement of all for 2010/11 is the one achieved by teachers in Louis Riel which calls for a salary increase at end-rates of 3 per cent.

The reality of teacher bargaining is that it can take many meetings over a long period of time to reach a deal. And of course, a settlement at the bargaining table is not always possible. Teachers in Manitoba do not have the right to strike, so when an impasse is reached in negotiations, either party has the right to apply for interest arbitration as the final dispute resolution process. Teachers have not had to go to arbitration very often over the last decade, much of this due to the ability of their local bargaining committees to obtain real salary increases along with other significant improvements in benefits, working conditions and rights. However, teachers may very well be facing a different scenario in this current round of bargaining. Given the hardened environment they currently find themselves in, arbitration may indeed be inevitable for many of our local associations.

Teachers are asked to be patient with the bargaining and arbitration process and lend their support and confidence to bargaining committee.

President's Report December 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our RRTA members. We hope that the Holiday season brings you and your family a moment of peace and revitalization.

I invite any member to give me a call anytime 204-867-7586 to discuss your experiences or observations of what is going on in your workplace. Being in touch means we have a means of meeting the needs not only of you but perhaps of other teachers who may have similar experiences.

Please note that all members are invited to our member appreciation night to be held in January. Please advise our secretary of your plan to attend as soon as possible. The evening will consist of a brief RRTA Council meeting as well as meal and recognition of all members of our Association.

Our ability to serve your needs depends upon your effort to let us know what is going on. Not making your executive aware of developing circumstances leaves us in a reactionary position rather than in a preventative and pro-active position. Make the call and share your experiences 204-867-7586.

It has been recommended to our Council that we allow for 6 members of our executive to attend this year's MTS AGM. A decision as to the number to attend will be rendered at our January RRTA Council meeting.

Our Association looks forward to the implementation of the new regs for the Workplace Health and Safety act with regards to harassment. The act and the new regs are to be in full effect as of February 2nd.

We would also like to invite any interested members to contact a member of the executive concerning their experiences with assessment (in our present context) and or their interest to sit as a teacher member of the RRTA Liaison Committee (L.R.A. Deemed Consultation Provision 81(2)). The Association plans to request Liaison with the Liaison Committee from Rolling River Board of Trustees sometime in the future (with a view that our teacher members' experiences can be compiled) and the topic will be assessment in our present context. Our questions will be submitted to the RRSD Committee in Advance and we hope that the RRSD committee will submit questions in advance to our teachers prior to the meeting. 

Have a safe and peaceful Holiday season

Dan Kiazyk

President's Report November 2010

The RRTA executive is looking for any interested members who might be interested in taking on the responsibilities that go with the following position.

Bargaining talks could continue some time in January.  Please feel free to speak with our co-chairs of the committee for any information related to bargaining.

We will be hosting a new member appreciation evening in January 2011 and we hope that you will pass this information on to any new members to our teachers' association. Please note that all teacher members are welcome to attend our council meetings. You may also request to participate in the meeting as a member by notiying our secretary of your intention to be included in the agenda for any particular meeting.

The RRTA executive has also mentioned that it would like to hold an AGM meeting sometime in the New Year. Details of the date and location of this meeting will be released in the near future.

Honorariums are to be proposed to be extended to include the position of Professional Development chair at the November RRTA Council meeting.

Hopefully your year is going well.  Please feel free to speak with me at your convenience at or (204) 867-7586

Dan Kiazyk
President Rolling River Teachers' Association

President's Report September 2010

A new year, a new start. Hopefully your efforts will be rewarded with student gains in all facets of their education. The Rolling River Teachers' Association is one of your partners in those efforts. If there's anyway that you believe we can help please let us know.  You should also know that we actively pursuing the protection and enhancement of your rights as a professional educator.

This year is especially significant as it is a bargaining year once again.  The bargaining committee is prepared for their first meeting on September 28th. Hopefully we can hammer out a new agreement in good time. I will also be serving on the Provincial Collective Bargaining Standing Committee giving our Association more ties to and perspective of what's going on in the rest of the province with regards to collective bargaining.

Once again, if you have any questions or would like to find out what's going on with your teachers' Association please feel free to give me a call. And finally, if you should want to get involved in your local teachers' association give me or another member of the RRTA Executive a call.

Dan Kiazyk
President Rolling River Teachers' Association

President's Report March 2010

Another year is well on its way and once again the RRTA is out there representing you as a professional educator (in the various capacities that are demanded of you as an employee of the Rolling River school division)

Teachers are advised to re-visit school division policy regarding the definition of "extra-curricular".  Apparently there has been a change of policy that came about in December 2009.  The policy posted no longer includes any reference to 'co-curricular'. Certainly a lot of discussion had taken place around what was introduced and acted upon as policy in the fall of 2008. The RRTA has recently become of aware of the changes made by the board of Trustees and invites all members to view the policy that has been posted on-line.  We are also requesting that members report to either their MTS school representative or a member of the RRTA Executive on how the new policy is actually being experienced when application for extra curricular hours is made.

Also of some significance to our members is the recent proposal for the Rolling River School Division budget for the school year 2010-2011. Increases in total funds made available for specific categories are being proposed. Instruction, for example, is seeing an increase in funds at an estimated rate of +2.5% while total funds required for administrative costs are being reported as increased to a total of + 6.0%. Finally the pupil support component is proposed as seeing a slight reduction of -.2% of total operating expenditure.

Perhaps of greatest concern to the teachers of Rolling River is that there is a proposal that the Tax Incentive Grant (TIG) be taken this year. Such monies as we have noted in the past are not a part of the FSP (Funding for Schools program) and as such they do not have to be provided to those boards who accept them this year in years to come.  We believe that the TIG has motives built into it that are not necessarily in the best interests of the students of public schools in Manitoba. In a context where local boards propose they do make a difference for local education vis a vis their legislated autonomy to set budgets, could accepting such a grant potentially take some of the previously mentioned autonomy out of their hands going into the future?

We will be hosting a couple of presentations at out next RRTA council meetings. MTS staff officer Joan Zaretsky and MTS economic analyst Glem McRuer will be presenting on topics that are of siginifcant import for the teachers of the RRTA. Joan's presentation will concern the implementation of the Resource Delivery review put into place in the Fall of 2008. All teachers, resource teachers and Principals are welcome to this presentation of March 17th. Please advise the RRTA of your intention to attend. Glen McRuer's presentation will be to take a look at the Rolling River School Division's recent budget. Parents of students in Rolling River as well as our members are invited to attend.  Glen's presentation will take place on April 21st. For more details please contact a MTS School representative or a member of the RRTA executive.

We have accepted to host a Provincial MTS Executive (PEX) meeting here in Rolling River (Minnedosa) next fall. More information concerning this "hosted" meeting will be shared with all members in the not too distant future. We look forward to the solidarity being extended to all rural teachers teachers through this event!

Congratulations to Laurie Bachewich on her being recognized as a principal/educator that makes a significant difference for the Children she teaches.

As a member of this Association if you have any questions or wish to speak with me about what has been written here or about what you are experiencing as a teacher, feel free to do so. I may be reached on our Association cell 867-7586

Hopefully the upcoming Spring Break will give you another opportunity to recharge your batteries for the final sprint to the finish of this year!

Dan Kiazyk
President Rolling River Teachers' Association

President's Report September 2009

Welcome back!

The RRTA hopes that you have a successful year of teaching.

Please do not hesitate to contact your RRTA school rep should you have any questions about our Collective Agreement.  Moreover, if you have sometime available this year to serve your colleagues please consider our need for participation at RRTA council or RRTA executive levels.

We look forward to being available to you through our various "chairpersons" and their respective committees. 

With our Collective Agreement ending in June 2010 we look forward to receiving your input into what might be proposed for ALL teachers in our next round of bargaining.    

I look forward to having an opportunity to meet with you personally throughout the year. Please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail or Association cell phone 867-7586. 

Once again.... Have a great year!

Dan Kiazyk
President RRTA

President's May 2009

Dear Colleagues:

The past couple of months have been very interesting times to say the least;

We have a re-elected President of MTS. Pat Isaak won the recent election by strong margin.  Pat has certainly taken on some difficult tasks over the past couple of years. Firstly her leadership in the re-tooling of the disability benefits plan has led to a new set of operating parameters for a highly valued program. Secondly her knowledge and guidance for MTS in the implementation of the Tim Sale report and the subsequent enactment of Bill 45 will no doubt create greater stability for teachers' pension in a time when all is in flux. We look forward to working with Pat over the next two years.

Another significant change that has occured at MTS has been the recent retirement of General Secretary (GS) Judy Bradley. As far away as Winnipeg and the GS might seem to the teachers of Rolling River at times we know that Judy's leadership had a positive and lasting impact for the lives of teachers throughout the province.  Thank you Judy! We now look forward to working with the newly hired GS of the Manitoba Teachers' Society,  Ken Pearce. Ken Brings to the position over thirty years of having worked in Manitoba's public schools.

The month of May has a number of different meetings and sessions that lead up to the month end MTS Annual General Meeting (AGM).  May the 6th has the regional presentation of the Education Finance Committee in Brandon. May the 8th has also the western binder meeting taking place at a new location in the wheat city. Of particular interest to those delegates who will attend both western binder meeting and the AGM is the election of a Vice President for MTS. We wish all the candidates well in their bid to be elected to the aforementioned position. MTS AGM will take place May 28th, 29th and 30th in Winnipeg at the Fairmount Hotel.

Here in Rolling river we have recently had an opportunity to assist in a presentation made by Joan Zaretsky and Glen McRuer concerning, "The Educator, Appropriate Education and The Charter".  At least 25 members pondered some of the ongoing and upcoming potential impacts that the 2005 ammnendment to the PSA will have for teachers in the Province of Manitoba.  Even though the Act has long been passed  teachers have yet to see its long term implications. Your Association suggests you continue to become more knowledgeable about the Appropriate Education ammendment and what it means for you and the sudents you teach.

The Rolling River Teachers' Association Education Finance committee extends a "Thank You" to the RRSD Board of Trustees for not having accepted the Provincial government's Tax Incentive Grant (TIG) this year.  The decision to not accept the TIG has put RRSD in a position to better develop an appropriate and sustainable budget in years to come.  The RRTA Ed Finance Committee is now considering a year end meeting for teachers so that they might become better acquainted with some of the aspects of this year's local and provincial education budgets. Stay tuned here at our Association's website for more information about the latter.

Finally there will be a subtle change to our bargaining committee next year with the chairperson position held by two of our members. Bob Dagg and Thomas Matthews will co-chair the Bargaining Committee for the next round of negotiations.  We would like to thank these two members for their committment to work together for the teachers of the RRTA.

If you have any questions for your Association please forward them to the appropriate committee chair or speak with your MTS school representative.  If you wish to speak with someone from the Association please feel free to call at 867-7586

President's Report March 2009

Dear Colleagues:

A great big “Bravo” to the teachers of Rolling River for having made such a resounding contribution to the MTS work place survey completed at the end of last month. Our totals will almost certainly give our Association one of the highest return rates in the province for the teacher workload survey. This information is not only valuable for Provincial MTS planners but it will serve as an invaluable tool the next round of bargaining.

One of our newest initiatives for the RRTA is to increase the number of members of the executive who may attend the annual MTS AGM. It is felt that such an opportunity gives our membership that much more experience of who and what is MTS. As such the increased number of members who attend will be better able to make those important connections for you, our members, when it counts. A vote for increasing the number of participants who may attend this year’s MTS AGM will take place at our March RRTA council meeting.

We soon will be choosing from our executive members who will attend the annual May MTS AGM. Any member of the Executive and the RRTA Council is invited to present their name to the President as a potential candidate to attend this important three day meeting.

A big thanks goes out to Deb McCallum for her efforts related to the Professional Development Needs Assessment survey now out in schools. We hope that our members will present their ideas ‘en masse’ as we saw with the workload survey just completed. Thanks Deb for all of your efforts.

We’d also like to invite any teacher of the RRTA interested in becoming a member of our team to notify their school rep or local president of your interest in becoming involved in RRTA and MTS activities. We are looking for members interested in serving on the bargaining committee and the executive of the RRTA (secretary, and treasurer and vice president). Give our president a call 867-7586 and discuss with him what you can do to help!

Finally as we approach Spring Break and the final stretch of this school year we would like to thank all teachers for their involvement in what has been a very active year for the RRTA. YOUR participation makes a difference for ALL teachers. Have a restful and “re-creative” break.

President's Report February 2009

Dear Colleagues:

Well it's well into School Division budget crunch time and there have been a few developments of late that are of great interest to teachers all across this province. Our local Association did submit a
letter to the RRSD Board of Trustees regarding our concerns with funding that has appeared on the provincial scene that exists outside the FSP (Funding for Schools) program - the normal route by which school divsions access monies for their programs and personel. In particular the appearance of "Incentive" fundng has made its way into about half of the provinces school divsions budgets and as such it presents serious implications for the funding of public education in Manitoba

Many of our members of the RRTA with refernce to the prior await announcements concerning RRSD's 2009-2010 budget. Recently it was announced that provincial incentive funding has been continued for another year with last year's amount accepted (in the form of a provinvial tax incentive by our School Division for example) now forming a part of the School Division's base funding. The difficulty with the prior accepted amount (and now seemingly seemless inclusion into the budget) is that the government will not guarantee it will remain a part of base funding into the future. What contigencies have been planned by RRSD should this tax incentive money not be included as a part of  base funding in future budget announcements? Can we take the chance accepting another round of tax incentive funding not knowing if it will be continued next year or if it to will be added to what is already an unknown future base funding amount?

It would seem prudent that accessing those mechanisms that are a part of the FSP and not the tax incentive would be the most reliable means for the long term stability and viability of our public school's programs and services. Tax incentive funding offered by the Provincial government appears to have some other motives attached that are thinking of matters other than our local sudents and schools.

If you want to know more about what the RRTA have provided as input into the development of a budget for RRSD please have a look at the
document that was submitted to RRSD Board of Trustees in response to their invitation for consultation on the development of a budget for Rolling River School Division 2009-2010.

Also of interest of late has been our effort regarding certain rights that we have won through successive rounds of collective bargaining concerning "Extra- Curricular" activities. A position statement was submitted to the Board of Trustees concerning our understanding of "Extra-Curricular" activities.  A copy of the position paper can be found immediately below this report.

I would like to thank our members for their input into the New Teacher Initiation night held this year on January 21st. We were honoured to have in our presence teachers new to the division. Your presence made many  proud of the efforts of this Association over the years.  We are not a static organization.  Rather our membership is diverse and dynamic in many positive ways. We were also honoured to have a long time member, Ron Taylor, address the new teachers at our Initiation Night.  His words had that "ring" of authenticity that anyone could benefit from, new teacher or ones who have been teaching for some time. And Bravo to Thomas Matthews for all his hard work making the evening the success it was!

Finally, do not forget to fill out the different surveys that will be coming across your desk in the next month. The information you provide on those surveys continues to help us to represent you in a more relevant and appropriate way!

I hope to hear from you should you have any questions about your Association and what it's doing for you.



Rolling River Teachers’ Association Position Paper On
Extra-Curricular Activities

As a response to your email sent on December 3, 2008 concerning efforts to develop policy concerning Extra-Curricular Activities, the Rolling River Teachers’ Association is providing you with its position on “extra-curricular activities” vis à vis the current collective agreement between the Rolling River Teachers’ Association and the Rolling River School Division.

In the 1995-96 Collective Agreement the first clause on Extra-curricular Activities was negotiated.  In it there were provisions for the reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses for teachers who volunteered to take on the supervision of these activities.  There was acknowledgement of their importance and that activities had to receive prior approval from the school principal.  This first clause recognized the effort and importance of the Rolling River Teachers’ personal time used for activities outside of the school day.

Three more collective agreements were negotiated without change to this article.

During the round of negotiations for the contract years 2003-05 the article was amended with the addition of a day of paid leave of absence for every fifty (50) hours of extra-curricular duties up to two (2) days of leave per school year with carry over until December 31st of the next school year.  This marked an improvement for teachers.  Their efforts on their own personal time were being remunerated, if even in a small way.

A further change was negotiated into the most recent collective agreement allowing for part time teachers to earn their extra-curricular days on a pro-rated basis.

These collective agreements will span fifteen years with thirteen years of practice that goes along with them.  The teachers of Rolling River have come to rely on that practice and have planned accordingly.

The division could have brought forth changes in the definition, accumulation of hours or practice of granting these leave days at any round of negotiations.  This was not done in any manner that ended with amendments to the collective agreement.

At no time was a definition for “co-curricular” discussed.  It does not exist in legislation or in any teacher collective agreement.  Any such discussions on this issue would limit the rights and entitlements of the teachers of the Rolling River Teachers’ Association under their collective agreement.

Clearly teachers’ activities are either “curricular” in nature or by exclusion, “extra-curricular” or outside the realm of the curriculum.  There is no doubt that they form an important part of a student’s educational experience.  The association has agreed to that and it forms part of the collective agreement.

The Public Schools Act includes references to Extra-curricular Activities and assigns the role of providing these activities to the school principal.  There have been legal cases that provide for the definition of these activities and arbitrations that deal with the fact that they cannot be without limit.

For the RRTA to enter into discussions on this issue without the context of negotiations could be viewed as an Unfair Labour Practice by its members.  There are particular rights and benefits associated with this issue that are covered by case law, legislation, the collective agreement and years of past practice.

It is the position of RRTA that this matter should be discussed in the next round of negotiations should the Division wish to change its practice or amend the collective agreement.

President's Report December 2008

Dear Colleagues:

Without a doubt the upcoming holiday break is all about family, friends and joyful reflection. I hope that those who read this note do not object to my thinking of the teachers of Rolling River as a "working family", and certainly we have many friends to be thankful for within our respective teaching communities.

Our "working family" as I see it is dedicated to a spirit of service with a capacity to adapt that service to others in a variety of ways. I want to personally thank those who have given some of their valuable time to be of service to their fellow colleagues. Without your efforts and contributions via the Rolling River Teachers’ Association we would not be able to celebrate some of the good things we have to be thankful for this holiday season.

We the teachers of Rolling River need to remain creative, positive and willing to take on our Association’ s challenges, so that our local teachers' association can continue to move toward its goal of being of even more service to our membership.  Every single member in our Association is a critical part of that mission.  For the Executive, Council and local school representatives of the RRTA, please never lose sight of your role or of your part in being of service to our membership.

I sincerely hope that all teachers in Rolling River have the time to be with loved ones and friends this Holiday season.  May the joyful and restful reflection that comes with the holiday season bring you renewed energy to look forward to the challenges and opportunities that the New Year will bring.

I wish you all happy holidays, a Merry Christmas, and a New Year filled with delight, joy and satisfaction.


Daniel Kiazyk
President Rolling River Teachers’ Association

P.S. Don't forget our "New Member Initiation Night",  on January 21st, 2009. Speak with your local MTS representative for more details

President's Report: October/November 2008

With the new school year well under way I hope all is going well for you and those students in your charge. This report is being made to advise you of
 a number of significant developments that were either announced at or have come as a result of our last RRTA council meeting on October 22nd.

Firstly we were happy to announce the signing of the 2005-2010 Collective Agreement by bargaining chairperson Bob Dagg and myself on October 21st.  Also our new Association constitution has also been submitted to the MTS Provincial executive for approval. We expect to have our new Association constitution put into effect before next month’s RRTA Council meeting.

Secondly our proposed budget for RRTA activities for 2008-2009 was presented at our October 22nd Council meeting. We were under budget with our activities as a whole last year (2007-2008). The new budget was approved unanimously by the RRTA Council.

Some highlights of this year’s RRTA budget were:

There will be budget lines for different committees this year: Equality and Social Justice and Public relations now have budget lines. Bargaining committee will also have an increased budget line
We will also be re-assigning monies from over-funded portfolios to those who have shown evidence of requiring more funds.
Our members will also be assessed a one-year increase in their monthly dues of $6.25 a month. The increase in fees is necessary to establish an initial fund to pay for our Local President’s release time. MTS will re-imburse our Association for the payment of release.  It is necesary however that we have the initial start up monies for our President's release this one occasion.

Thirdly we will be having a new member initiation night for new members of our Association on January 21st 2009. We will be inviting new members to our Association to attend a regular council meeting, meal, and presentations/speeches to be made in their honour. Speak to your MTS school representative for more details.

Fourthly we will meet in the near future with the Rolling River’s new Senior Administration. Members interested in accompanying the President of the Teachers’ Association to this meeting are welcome to advise the president of their desire to do so. More importantly, however, we request your input/ideas/concerns so that we might take the preceding directly to the Administration of this district.

Finally we want to hear from our members with regards to our new Collective Agreement. Having signed a new Agreement does not mean we should just attend to it when it ends in June of 2010. On the contrary, we invite interested members to make their ideas known about needed changes to the Agreement to the RRTA bargaining committee. We also invite the participation of any members on that committee. The Bargaining committee is not a closed shop and as such requires the input of all members. A meeting is being planned for the New Year. Our bargaining team will be meeting to discuss what we would like to see as priorities in the contract negotiations that will occur in the not to distant future. 

Please feel free to give me a call about what has been reported here or about matters that are of importance to you and your colleagues. I may be reached on our Association’s cell phone 867-7586 or via e-mail at

** I will be updating the left hand column of this page (contract snippets) once I have received the original signed contract from the school district. I have also removed a number of older reports from this page. You may still access these reports here

September 2008

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all back on behalf of the RRTA to another school year. The RRTA is indeed privileged to serve the teachers of Rolling River.  We are also grateful to our Teacher Association Executive and School representatives for kindly accepting their responsibilities to our collective.

We hope you will agree that this year presents itself for our Association as an opportune moment to build on and to forge new relationships amongst our members. It has always been the RRTA’s endeavour to involve more and more of our teachers in an ongoing discussion on what should be our approach, strategy and negotiating position for the teachers of this district.

As important as is the prior, we also believe that Teaching is a way of life and will continue to remain a significant component for the social and economic well
- being of our community. Certainly the rapid change we’ve all seen in Education is essential for ensuring the success of our students in a world that is constantly changing. With such pervasive and significant change it is our belief that it is imperative that the experience and ideas of all our members be shared with our district’s decision makers.  To this end your Teacher Association Executive looks forward to listening to you and to being able to share your insights and experiences.

We wish you well with your new classes and we hope that you will be able to build fruitful educational relationships with all those students in your care. We know that you will make a difference in the lives of your students you teach each day.

Have a great year!


December 2007 

Dear Members

We hope that you are keeping well these last few days of December. It wasn't all that long ago that we were just getting back into the swing of things.  Now we're all looking forward to the rest and rejeuvenation that holidays can bring.  Over the past few months your Rolling River Teachers' Association has been busy working on your behalf. In effect, the RRTA has as one of its main goals to do the best it can to make the time you spend in front of the children you work for the best experience it can be.

What has the RRTA been working at these past few months and what does it have planned for you in the near future?

Firstly our recent workshop (attended by the RRTA council) brought to relief key features that we have been working on and still need to develop even more profoundly to make what we do even more meaningful for you. We will for example via the leadership of our Public Relations chairperson try to create an even more effective means to bolster our membership's "esprit du corps" (more to come!).  We will also continue to attempt to provide our membership with a variety of means by which YOU can work with or access the work of the RRTA Council and Executive.

Secondly we still have as a primary goal to work together with our employer, the Rolling River Board of Trustees. Part of this effort on your behalf was undertaken by the Education Finance Chair and her committee when they made a presentation to the board regarding recommendations for the development of the 2008/2009 FRAME budgetThe presentation took a look at three important considerations for our school division in light of declining enrollment and the capacity of our school division to continue to provide service and programs that it currently offers. This is far from being being a simple matter and we firmly believe that much work needs to be done to keep Rolling River the great place it already is for our students. Certainly the RRTA wants to assist the Board of Trustees in whatever way it can in this matter!

Please keep in mind (and mark it on your calendar!) that our "NEW" member initiation night will be held on January 23rd this year. If you have a new member on your staff, please let them know of this evening that is being prepared on their behalf. We will be having a special guest join us that evening: Pat Isaak, President of the Manitoba Teachers' Society. Pat will be addressing our membership with a message that will reflect on what it means to be a member of the MTS and why we have such a professional association. Please let your school representative know about your interest in attending this evening or give Dan a call at 867-7586.

Finally to conclude this message, this is the beginning of the winter solstice, a time when our schools close their doors for a while so that our students, parents and staff may celebrate, rejuvenate and welcome a new year. For some, Christmas is a time to honour a religious rite. For others, it is a time to rekindle family traditions or create new ones. Whatever ways you choose to spend the gift of time that comes with the holidays, I wish you good health, the joy and comfort of moments with colleagues, family and friends, and the sense of optimism and energy that a break provides. I look forward to a new year of exciting initiatives and important work, with people I admire and appreciate. May the year's end bring you beautiful new beginnings.

Have a peaceful and restful holiday season,

Daniel Kiazyk

November 2007

Members of the Rolling River Teachers' Association:

Last year the Liaison committee of the Rolling River Teachers' Association successfully initiated a discussion with the liaison committee of the RolIing Board of Trustees. Our main objective was and still is to enjoin the board of trustees in a discussion concerning the working conditions of teachers in Rolling River School Division. The advantage to such a discussion is that it serves as an ongoing forum for teachers to "liaise" with their employer about what they experience on a daily basis in their classrooms maybe even allowing the board to act before other legal and contractual discussions/actions are required. 

We met two times with the board's liaison committee last year and we had two preliminary meetings to prepare for these meetings. The preparatory meetings were held at Elton Collegiate and were led by the now retired teacher Mike labossiere.

Given the newness of this committee our discussions at these Liaison meetings were at times preliminary in nature but we did take up with board's liaison committee some of our members' pressing concerns. A brief set of notes were kept and were posted on the Rolling River Teachers' Association Website. In some areas we believe we had an impact and we have seen positive results come forth for the teachers of our Association.

In the end it was the opinion of most members of the committee that we had made significant progress in forging a new relationship with the Board of trustees. Some of the trustees who particiated in these meetings also related to our members in private that these meetings were a significant forum for communication between teachers and the board.

This year's plan for the committee starts with a preliminary supper meeting to be held in Minnedosa on either Tuesday (Nov. 12), to begin our discussion on what needs to be discussed this year with the board of trustees. This is a particularly important period in our school division that needs to be seized for all of its potential.

Please get back to Dan Kiazyk with the date that best suits you if you are interested in being a part of this committee. Mileage and meals will be covered.

Thank you very much on behalf of the members of this Association for considering to take on another six evenings of your valuable time. We look forward to hearing from you and your interest in becoming a member of this important committee.

Liaison Brief presented by RRTA President

Brief as presented by RRTA President to the Liaison Committee of the Rolling River Board of Trustees  February_brief.doc February 26th, 2007.

December 1st, 2006

Recommendations relating to the development of the 2007/2008 operating budget of the Rolling River School Division as presented to the Board Of Trustees by the Rolling River Teachers' Association. 

PDF copy of brief presented

Word Document of brief presented

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